Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Software For Your Laundry Business


Laundry Booking Application
Make your own laundry booking application at every possible time. Expand your client base and stay aware of steady client responsibility through Laundry Delivery software

Arranging and Automated Errand
Auto-Apportion plans to your pick-up& Delivery staff, Laundry stockroom or experts through Laundry the executive Software.

Region Based Organization
Track pick-ups and Deliveries constantly through Laundry and Dry cleaning Software, further develop courses and geo-wall Pickup/transport zones, laundry spots or client areas of interest

Dynamic Automated Invoicing
Change SMS and Email designs for automated illuminating and invoicing to your clients by dry-cleaning Delivery software

Rehashing Plans
Robotize the errand and plan of rehashing laundry pick-ups and drop-offs. Enhance the work process through practical Laundry and Dry cleaning of the Business Software!

Proof Of Service
Laundry Pickup and Delivery Software assists in picking among notes, pictures or stamps as forefront with evidencing of agreeable assistance on the client's end.

Approaching Appointments
Pick up and manage arrangements on the dashboard.

Apportion and Track
Auto-apportion Pickup, Delivery or Laundry according to openness, specialization, and execution to say the least

Illuminate Clients
Update your clients as frequently as conceivable with automated takes notes.

Spot wellsprings of deficiencies in ordinary exercises, read broad reports and seek after additional canny decisions

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